paving victoriaVPS Paving Ltd is a fully functional company providing the most comprehensive paving services in Victoria, BC. As a locally owned and operated firm, we specialize in providing commercial and residential asphalt paving, parking lot repairs, patching, crack filling, seal coating and the very important task of driveway restoration

We have over 25 years of providing client focused paving services in Victoria.

Our paving services are professionally done. We have done various paving projects in and around Victoria, BC, with great results and very good customer feedback. Our choice of materials and paving methods are guided by industry standards to prevent occurrences of cracks which lower the lifespan of pavements. We also advise clients on any asphalt paving issues that they may have, with the aim of offering lasting solutions.

Our Core Values

Customer Satisfaction – We are because of our clients. We therefore make sure that our customers’ interests come before anything else to guarantee unquestionable customer satisfaction. This is done through proficient customer service and support throughout the process.

Innovation – As a company, we always reinvent ourselves to cope with the highly demanding market and to always stay ahead in terms of service deliver. We therefore strive to discover new and efficient working ways to secure our customers the best at all times.

Diligence – We work tirelessly to accomplish all tasks according to the terms of the agreement. We have a team that always go the extra mile through hard work and dedication to deliver beyond the expectation of the clients.

Honesty – Working with us means getting everything done above board from the evaluation and assessment, costing and the actual performance. Our company does not have any hidden charges therefore every client will be fully aware of the cost implications of every outsourced service.

VPS Paving Ltd technicians are all certified and fully insured, so that you have the best technical support that you need when you start your paving project. With expansive experience in handling all paving and repair services, the VPS team will bring to your service both professionalism and insuperable skills.

We have a highly responsive customer service that will respond to all your queries within the shortest time possible and will provide flawless expert advice at all times.

Order for paving and repair services from VPS Paving Ltd and get the job done to your ultimate satisfaction.

Box 361, Unit 185 – 911 Yates Street
Victoria, BC V8V 4Y9
(250) 388-4432