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Residential Driveways

paving bc victoriaIn case you are looking for help in paving your residential driveway, we offer residential asphalt paving services that you can count on. Many residential driveways are as strong as their foundations. We know that and ensure that we take the necessary steps to give your driveway the right support before we do the final paving. We use the right paving equipment, and prepare adequately so that after we are done, your driveway has a great appearance and robustness that lasts. We can also advise you on the pre-paving requirements such as how to get your permits on time if your need them so that the pavement is completed on time.

Parking Lots

paving victoriaWhichever type of parking lot you want to build – commercial or private – we offer durable parking lot paving and construction services that affords you the benefits of cost effectiveness, simplicity in construction and durability. As a result of our expert choice of materials based on your needs, your parking lot will be able to handle heavier loads, and will last for many years if provided with the right maintenance.

Pathways & Bicycle Paths

Many cities, towns and residential areas have a place set aside for Pathways & Bicycle Paths. The material of choice for paving is asphalt, because it is cost effective, simple to use for construction, aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. We offer asphalt Pathways & Bicycle Paths paving services in and around Victoria, enabling businesses, residential associations and local townships to create convenient routes for their residents quickly and in an affordable way.

Sport Courts

We have a range of asphalt paving products for sports courts and sports facilities that offer various key benefits to commercial, private or residential institutions. All paving works are designed to ensure free draining in the courts so that play can commence after 10 minutes of rainfall. Additionally, the sports courts are painted so that marked areas stand out on the sports courts.


VPS Paving Ltd has the skills and expertise to develop asphalt curbs for you. These curbs are useful for defining the edges of the parking lot so that cars don’t run on the pavements. They are also useful in the protection of landscape islands within a parking lot, while at the same time preventing landscaping material from washing onto the asphalt parking lot during heavy rains.

Crack Filling

paving victoriaFor asphalt paving that is several years old, cracks may emerge that need to be filled. We have the expertise required for crack filling so that you can avoid water based erosion on your paving. It also minimizes crack growth.

If you are looking for top-notch quality paving services, VPS Paving Ltd is your go-to company!

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